History of the
Wildcatter Squares Square Dance

During the first part of the year in l984 a few couples got together from a Church in Humble,Texas and decided that Square Dancing was great fun, and felt that some of their friends should learn to Square Dance too. Before long they had a few more couples interested. Frank Randall was the first caller and called his club ‘Rands Ramblers’. The members decided that they needed a new caller after a few months and got a gentleman by the name of Vern Weiss to call for them. Later that same year a group of the dancers went into Houston, Texas and got the club
Charter. Since Frank Randall was no longer the club caller, they decided to call their club The Wildcatter Square Dance Club of Humble, Texas. And so it was that the Wildcatter Square Dance Club was officially Chartered with two and one half squares in the fall of l984.

past callers past  presidents
Frank Randall 1991  Virgil Gibson
Vern Weiss 1992-1993  Bill McKnight
Dick Kirks 1994-1997  Kathy & Millard Johnson
Tony Sikes 1998-2003  Sandy Jackson & Jimmy Upshaw
Roger Hopper 2004  Terry & Debbie Brecheen
Shelby Evers 2005-2006  Peggy & Allen Brochers
James Martin 2007  Frank & Ann Kosub

K O Jeanes 2008 Kathy Holly & Sandy Jackson